24-25 January 2018 | London, UK

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NATO Naval Training: Be careful when ‘sticking to the standards’

Captain (N) Vincenzo Milano, director of the NATO Modelling and Simulation Centre of Excellence (M&S COE), believes integration of techniques, doctrine and technology are important, but warns that there are dangers in trying to fit everything into the same rule book. Ahead of the event, Defence IQ caught up with him ahead of the Naval Training & Simulation conference to understand the efforts being made at the CoE to enhance the next generation of military operators. You can hear more from Capt. Milano at the event...

JOINT WARRIOR exemplifies the importance of 21st century naval training

The launch of the first Naval Training & Simulation conference arrives at an interesting time. Across most nations, manpower is shrinking, but new and highly advanced vessels continue to be commissioned and, as conflicts rear their heads across a variety of different regions, the threats at sea continue to evolve. For the UK, this means that maintaining and improving the skills of its sailors and soldiers is a priority if it intends to continue its centuries-long tradition of being a global presence. As such, it is no surprise that this April it is preparing to again host the biannual Joint Warrior Exercise – the largest military exercise in Europe – centred in Northern Scotland... [READ MORE]

The “Science of Learning”: Technology and simulation making training more effective and efficient

Naval investment into virtual training and other simulation is payingdividends. Science and technology (S&T) is making training more effective,efficient and economical, and expanding the “science of learning.” Learn moreabout adaptive techniques that are customizing the experiences of individualstudents as they progress at their own pace and capability. This year’s NavalTraining & Simulation conference will feature a special UK focus on thelatest technology in this field, with John Hoggard (Lecturer inDefence Simulation Defence Academy, Cranfield University)and Ian Greig (Maritime Training Capability Advisor: Simulation & NumericalMethods Group,DSTL)....